Seasons Greetings

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Christmas Wishes

I Testify

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I have been following thebettermanprojects from the beginning and enjoy his posts always!


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Everything comes together.

Life surprises me and gifts me

with EASE during the transitions.


Grabs You And Shakes You

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Sometimes life grabs you and shakes you violently. Sometimes life screams “wake up and pay attention”. It can be terrifying and uncomfortable but if you dare to listen the messages are sweet. For all that screaming and yelling was simply life showing you a better way, a new way – not necessarily the right way (we never really get to be that wise) but a new right way for NOW.


Until later when life grabs you and shakes you violently once again.

Drawing Banks

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I sit down lately and draw blanks. I feel frustrated and think it unproductive to just draw blanks. I don’t accept and appreciate that I am tired.

I don’t respect and appreciate myself then? It is odd this life.

Just Do Something

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I am starting to realize that the inspiration to pursue a path and or take an action does not have to be a profound thunderbolt knowing but perhaps just a subtle instinct and call to go down a road. Travel that path the same way you would a trail on a hike – curiously, openly, slowly and watch to see what happens around the corner. One can certainly travel back to where we came and choose another path.


Life is truly endless this way. So maybe just do something – the something that calls you.

Amazing Things

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Amazing things were happening. Magical amazing solutions. My feeling was growing in abundance – opportunities everywhere. Financially everything was MORE and easy. My relationships fun, light, sexy and free. My gypsy spirit soaring and my heart overflowing with love and generosity. My family supported, free, loved, safe and SURE.


Bountiful life…beautiful life…profound solutions to problems that never really were problems but rather gifts from the spirits calling me to do it right this time. Amazing things indeed.