If Not By Fire Nor Flood – Let Go

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If not by fire and flood – the dramatic things in nature, then by the slow meandering stream of life ALL things must change. Yet we are taught to cling and hold on to houses, routines, places and people. We resist that which is the very nature of life and in that we suffer in our minds. It is the floods and fires that bring new life. The new life shaves away the parts of you that no longer serve you. What is left is you stronger, more powerful, more capable and more authentically bringing your gifts to the world. Life might not give you a choice otherwise …no matter how tightly you hold on. Eventually you must let go.



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Abundance can be so simple and it is never about things. Abundance is a feeling of trusting and knowing that you are safe and all is well. Every bump and every rough road takes us to places unimagined or imagined but perhaps MORE than your wildest dreams. A very good friend of mine once said let go of the details and think more about the feeling ~ what would abundance feel like and then let the universe sort out the details.


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It is coming crystal clear the things I need to do to follow and allow my gifts.

One must show up in life with her gifts or she will feel lost.

She must be found in her life time – not a lost life but rather a full and profound life.

In The Sun

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She just sat there…in THE SUN, on the bench, on the edge of the river, where she usually brought her friends, her dog, her children and husband. She always rather loved this feeling, this quiet, this alone and time to collect her thoughts. She was good at being in the moment and for that reason alone she knew she would always make her way through to thriving and dreaming up magical new ways to live her life.

It was so peaceful she didn’t dare move.

Safety Nets Falling

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Safety nets fall all around her to catch her.


People call to her and say, “jump sweetie, jump – we will catch you in the moments when you can not catch yourself”.


Though we all know the truth that she can catch herself and will do more than that.


She will in fact, craft and create a beautiful and unusual life for herself.

Words Are My Breath

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It has always been this way with me – I love words and particularly words on paper. It is as though I am healthy when I write,free when I write and then strong when I write.

Writing is breathing for me – oxygen for my soul and energy for my life moving forward.

Forget Safety

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This quote came up on my Facebook wall the other day:

“Forget Safety
Live where you fear to live.
Destroy your reputation.
Be notorious.”


This is amazing to me and resonates deeply. It speaks to who I am and it speaks to why I can not settle where I am. It also speaks to a part of me that trust nature and trusts that life just can not be so linear.

Today I will trust that everything happens for a reason and that my heart will know what to do to live open, free and passionately expressing itself.

What do you think about that?